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HOW TO CHOOSE A PRIVATE BANK, 154 pages, published April 2014

     Covering everything you wanted to know about private banking, this book offers highly-specialised and invaluable information about the world of wealth management, from the importance of the brand to your relationship with your private banker, issues of confidentiality and privacy, the truth about fees, tax planning, and concerns about regulation and offshore jurisdictions. At the end of every chapter there is a checklist which itemizes and reiterates the most important parts of the subject at hand. There are over 170 items in the combined checklists.

AN INTRODUCTION TO INVESTMENT FUNDS, 230 pages, published October 2015

     You'll learn how to assess management companies and fund structures, what pertinent questions to ask regarding the fund’s service providers, and also how to perform thorough compliance and background checks on fund managers. An Introduction to Investment Funds empowers you with an increased awareness of the funds available to them, along with an understanding of their pitfalls and strengths, thereby enabling you to make better-informed decisions about investing. View table of contents