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  • Project management, strategic planning, business development, strategy consulting, derivatives, lending, sustainable and responsible investing, risk modelling, risk management, compliance, IPO process preparation, internal process planning and documentation.
  • Consulting financial institutions on choosing the right platforms, business models, financial products and services for their clients. Process documentation and implementation.
  • Guiding clients through their investment product selection process and identifying most optimal distributions channels. Training financial professionals how to sell those products.
  • Writing and implementing operational processes like internal rules for control, prevention of money laundering, Know Your Client, client advisory and sales processes.
  • Providing financial modelling and investment portfolio optimisation.


A three phase approach is used.

  • Analysis - fully understand the operation and what management wants to achieve.
  • Development - options are presented for reaching the desired goals / targets.
  • Implementation -  work closely with management to implement change, to bring the organisation from where it is to where it wants to be.