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Capital Markets Instruments 

Understand a country's capital market development perspective;

Assess and understand the risks in a company based in specific EM country;

Understand the different types of financial instruments and financing instruments;

Analyse corporate and sovereign bonds,

Overview of the IPO process and preparing a company to go public;

Understand critical differences in debt and equity financing;

Advise on corporate governance best practice and its benefits;

Understand the different stages of company growth and financing;

Prepare SMEs for applying to Private Equity Fund or Venture Capital investments

Sales and Negotiation Skills

Capitalising on the individual's strengths and minimizing weaknesses

Discover what customers want instead of just selling what you have
Client meeting preparation and client benefits
Active listening
Questioning technique and question skills
Making offers at the right time and in the right way
Handling client objections
Emphasizing on the benefits that meet the client's needs
Obtaining client’s agreement

Workshops / Roleplay

Client simulated meetings. Focus on: overall appearance, behavior, body language, language, empathy, motivation, presentation, settling into the meeting, small talk, atmosphere, opening of the discussion, questioning technique, active listening, question skills, dealing with objections, demonstrating benefits to the client, closing technique. Trainer moderated self-assessment on what one does well and what they can improve on.